Life is about much more than book learning.  Music, art, PE and outdoor education not only enrich our lives but help students with standard academic subjects as well.  These areas are all built in components of our program for all students.


Visual Arts

Each month our art teacher, Mrs. Philips, comes into every classroom and spends two hours helping students produce beautiful pieces of artwork while sharing with them the stories of famous artists, teaching them the techniques of art and exposing them to the various genres of art in the world today. We are thrilled to be able to offer these exceptional art classes to our students!



Research demonstrates that music education provides an opportunity for cognitive development that no other school subject offers. Music uniquely combines right brain and left brain activities encouraging total brain development. 

How do we teach music?

Our music program has been designed and is taught by a full-time, certified music educator.  It is based on the intentional combination the Kodaly, Delcroze and Orff methods to teach choral and percussive instrumental music as students begin to learn to read music. The level and amount of music education increases with the grade level, until students in grades 5-8 have music daily. 


Fifth graders start in Beginning Band and can choose an instrument from one of three categories:  pitched percussion, brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn or baritone) and woodwinds (flute, clarinet or saxophone). Students will learn to play their instrument while also playing in a group setting.  Private lessons are not required.


Three days a week, K-4 are instructed in classroom music .  Starting in grades 5-8 students have instruction 3 days a week in choir ensemble.

Music performances occur throughout the year in our local church, Christmas programs and at our Spring Concert. The Bands will also participate in the annual band adjudication held each spring at Chico State University.


Physical Education (PE)

Active bodies make for healthy, learning brains.  Our students at all grade levels get at least 30 minutes of PE time daily, as well as recess either outdoors or in our gymnasium.


Outdoor Education 

Outdoor Education has been an important part of Chico Oaks  for more than 15 years. Middle school classrooms have spent a week in spring at various locations over the years such as tide-pooling along the Mendocino coast, scuba diving off Catalina Island or in Monterey Bay, backpacking in the Ishi Wilderness, exploring the Nevada desert, spelunking at Lava Beds National Monument, or exploring ecology in the forests of the Sierras.

We believe that taking students into God's creation (and away from electronic distractions) helps them connect and bond with each other while at the same time immersing them in the beauty of the Creator. Our goal is that a learned love for creation leads to a love for the Creator.


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