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Funding Chico Oaks

Our budget for the current school year is approximately $820,000. Payroll accounts for 85%, with the remainder covering educational supplies, utilities, maintenance and other expenses.

This averages out to a per student cost of between $9,500 to $10,000 depending on our enrollment.


Yet, our tuition is nowhere near $10,000 per year. Why is this?

The Seventh-day Adventist denomination has for the last 150+ years been strongly committed to Christian education. A significant portion of tithe funds sent to the denomination comes back to Adventist schools in the form of subsidy (tithe funds also pay the salaries for ministers in each local congregation).


Our Denominational Subsidy for the current year is about $254,000. This is approximately 31% of our operating budget.

Our local Chico Adventist church has also been committed to Christian education here in Chico since 1905. Each year our local Adventist congregation sets aside a portion of their church budget to additionally subsidize Christian education at Chico Oaks Adventist School.


Our local Chico Adventist church subsidy for the current year is $60,000. This is approximately 7% of our operating budget.

These subsidies significantly lower the tuition and fees for all students at Chico Oaks Adventist School, regardless of any church affiliation. Members of our local congregation, however, do also qualify for an additional tuition discount.


Our tuition and fees for the coming 2018-2019 school year cover the following items:

Includes all textbooks and teacher materials for the classroom.


  • Qualified credentialed teachers
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Music education in each classroom
  • Art instruction
  • Faith-based curricula
  • One-to-one laptop program in grades 5-8
  • Computer lab for grades 1-4
  • Before school care from 7:30-8:00 am

Additional Program Costs

  • Classroom field trips
  • Annual week long outdoor education in grades 5-8
  • Hot lunches once or twice per week, optional
  • After school care available until 6 pm, optional
  • School t-shirts and sweatshirts, optional

*Our local Chico Adventist congregation and individual donors also contribute to our Tuition Aid Fund. Each year we offer needs-based tuition aid to those who want a Christian education for their children, yet cannot afford the full tuition costs.

The amount of tuition aid awarded varies from year to year, but ranges from $60,000 to $100,000.

Our intent is to make Christian education affordable to all.

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