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Why is music important to learning?

Research demonstrates that music education provides an opportunity for cognitive development that no other school subject offers. Music uniquely combines right brain and left brain activities resulting in total brain development. 

How do we teach music?

Our music program has been designed and is taught by a full-time, certified music educator.  It is based on the intentional combination the Kodaly, Delcroze and Orff methods to teach choral and percussive instrumental music as students begin to learn to read music. The level and amount of music education increases with the grade level, until students in grades 5-8 have music daily. 


Fifth graders start in Beginning Band and can choose an instrument from one of three categories:  pitched percussion, brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn or baritone) and woodwinds (flute, clarinet or saxophone). Students will learn to play their instrument while also playing in a group setting.  Private lessons are not required.


Three days a week, K-4 are instructed in classroom music .  Starting in grades 5-8 students have instruction 3 days a week in choir ensemble.

Music performances occur throughout the year in our local church, Christmas programs and at our Spring Concert. The Bands will also participate in the annual band adjudication held each spring at Chico State University.

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