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Our Music program is under the direction of Mr. Borges. Kindergarten comes to the Salsa Music Room twice per week, while the remainder of the lower grades (1-4) meets with him three times each week. Mr. Borges uses a combination the Kodaly and Orff methods to teach choral and percussive instrumental music as they begin to learn to read music.

Grades 1-2 will also spend time with "Recorder Karate" as they progress through "belts" in the program.

Grades 3-4 will spend some time working with hand chimes as an introduction to ensemble music.

In Grade 5-8 students will have Music daily. The majority of the time will be spent in work on instrumental band music, with 5th graders in Beginning Band and grades 6-8 in our Advanced Band. Band students will play instruments than fall into one of these categories:
- pitched percussion
- brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn or baritone)
- woodwinds (flute, clarinet or saxophone)

Music performances occur throughout the year in our local church, Christmas programs and at our Spring Concert. The Bands will also participate in the annual band adjudication held each Spring at Chico State University.

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