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Grades 7-8
Grades 7-8 are primarily taught by Mr. Nelson. However, these students will also have Mr. Rasmussen for English class and Mr. Borges for P.E. and Music. Grades 7-8 is a time for a lot of personal and academic growth. These twin goals are facilitated through a number of traditional and non-traditional educational experiences.

Students in the upper grades are given the chance to excel in Mathematics, providing they have the skill and motivation. Opportunities up through Algebra II are provided.

Mr. Rasmussen has these students accomplish a number of tasks as a part of his English instruction, including several writing and speaking tasks.

Bible class this year focuses on the transformation that occurs when you allow Jesus to come into your life.

Each year the students form teams and participate in FIRST Lego League Robotics competitions. Many or our robotics teams have earned awards and invitations to National competitions.

U.S. History is the focus this year in Social Studies, beginning with the Civil War and working our way up to the present. Particular energy will be spent on the Civil War and World War I with classroom simulations centered around those two events.

By Design Science's inquiry methods for Grades 7-8 will continue with units on Life Science, Physical Science, The Human Body and Earth and Space Science.

Reading is literature based and includes titles such as Johnny TremainThe Bronze BowNever Cry Wolf, and The Summer of the Monkeys. The theme of character transformation ties in nicely with our Bible curriculum.

The transformational theme is played out in one of our most unique projects of the year. The class will go through the process used by ancient peoples around the world of transforming a fresh animal hide (deer skin) and turning it into useful and beautiful buckskin. Again, the transformational theme is played out through their own hands.

Outdoor Education this year will occur in two phases with a canoe camping trip in the Fall and a week long backpacking trip in the Spring. During the backpacking trip into the Ishi Wilderness students will learn of the fascinating local history of the last Yahi Indian, known as Ishi. They will try their hand and flintknapping an arrowhead and processing acorn meal for breakfast pancakes. Navigation work with a map and compass will also be introduced. Both outdoor trips with have a spiritual component as well as Mr. Nelson leads out in morning and evening spiritual lessons from the lives biblical characters.

Our graduates leave Chico Oaks with the knowledge that they are a part of school community that loves and care for them deeply. We hope to send them on to High School and beyond as servant-leaders who are listening for God's calling in their lives, where-ever they happen to go.