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Grades 5-6
Grades 5-6 are taught by Mr. Rasmussen. English is his love and it shows in his writing instruction. He uses writers workshop with peer revision extensively. The remainder of the curriculum entails:
  • Social Studies - Ancient Civilization (students will also learn the locations of the countries of the world, all of them!)‚Äč
  • Science - By Design Science, an inquiry based program
  • Typing Pals
  • Spanish instruction on Fridays
  • Saxon  Math
  • Pathways Language Arts program, supplemented by Accelerated Reader
  • Christ Our Life curriculum for Bible class

Outdoor Education begins in 5th & 6th Grade. Mr. Rasmussen has an alternating year Outdoor Education cycle that includes a trip to the coast at the Pacific Union College Biological Field Station at Albion for coastal marine studies. The alternating year has a trip to Lava Bed National Monument for volcanic studies and rock formation.