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What Adventists Believe
We believe that God is the all-wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, loving Creator of the entire universe. As our Creator He knows what is best for us and what type of lives will make us happiest. As our Father He wants each of us to live happy, fulfilled, eternal lives, maximizing our own unique abilities and talents.

God's plan of salvation is a plan of education. Jesus came to reveal God. Jesus tells us that to know God is life eternal, and the prophet Jeremiah tells us that above all things it is important that we understand and know God for who He really is - a caring Being who always does what is right.

Humans were created to reflect God. That means we are to understand and know Him, to be free to make choices and to develop one's own personal uniqueness. Education is the means to teach and train people to be spiritual thinkers, not mere reflectors of others' thoughts.

God's law is an outline of the type of living that will make each one happiest and safest. It is not an arbitrary list of rules. His law is a reflection of his character - a character of love, fairness, and mercy.

When God created this world he created the seventh-day Sabbath. It is a reminder of His Fatherhood of us all. It is also a time set aside for rest in Him, and a time set aside for getting to know Him better. He asks us to treasure that time.

God is interested in the whole person. Therefore it is important to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as spiritually. We can only love our neighbor as we love (and respect) ourselves.

The Bible is God's record of His love and concern for humanity. Because humans had rebelled against God's plan of life and were suffering the results - separation from God and ultimately death - Jesus came to earth to live and die so that He might restore us to a loving, trusting relationship with God. We call this atonement - at-one-ment.

Jesus finished the work He came to do. Atonement will be complete when Jesus literally returns to earth to reunite His family on earth with His family throughout the universe. If we learn of Him and live His life-style by His strength and grace, then we shall just naturally be ready to go home to be with Him through all eternity.

It is with this "larger view" of education that we invite you to enroll your child(ren) in our school and work with us to educate them for life here and through all eternity.